Negotiate Debts Of The Cashier – Understand The Whole Process!



Negotiating Caixa’s debts is essential so that the accounts do not turn into a snowball. By the way, letting delay agreements and accounts always becomes a headache and that is why we always share exits here so you can keep your accounts in days and always seeking the best outings if you face a financial problem.


Understand how it works to negotiate debts 


To negotiate Caixa’s debts, you must first understand what type of credit you have sought from the state bank. Caixa Econômica Federal is known as an institution with a large credit line and one of the most current banks in the country. Therefore, you may have picked up a loan, payroll deductible loan, home equity loan, vehicle financing or even for retirement.

Negotiating Caixa’s debt is the best way to avoid future problems, such as defaults. Lack of communication with the lender can also hamper trading opportunities. First, then, try to negotiate as soon as possible.


Refinance debt 


Refinance debt 


The first solution to negotiate debts of Caixa is to consider the possibility of refinancing debts. Refinancing is nothing more than a way to exchange high interest rates for another with lower rates. In the case of Caixa, there is another advantage if you have more than one pending with the state.

You can get the lower refinancing interest directly with them, and you can tie all your accounts together into a new one. This is a very interesting way out and it can certainly help you to clear the open accounts with the bank.

Negotiate over the internet

Negotiate with Caixa over the internet


The internet has really made life easier for everyone, including those who need to negotiate Caixa’s debts. The bank has a system, a specific site, aimed at those who have debts and is seeking an agreement for discharge.

You only need to access the trading site and enter your CPF there. If your registration is up to date, the following steps can be done via the internet. By filling in your document, an access code will be sent to your mobile phone.

Accessing the system by the code sent on the mobile device, you will have access to the contract, product, agency from where the service was contracted and up to the operation number. Below, the customer finds the option of payment and the ticket in cash or installment.

Negotiate debts by telephone


Negotiate Caixa



If you do not want to or do not know how to tweak the site, then choose the service by phone. Through 0800 726 8068, in option 8, the customer will be able to negotiate without leaving home and facing queues within the agency.

Make your agreement on social networks


Make your agreement on social networks



Believe it or not, but Caixa now has a team ready to service, including debt settlement, via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. According to some reports, the bank sends the negotiation until via private message. It is very easy for the negotiation to take place without excuses and many inconveniences.

Who can negotiate debts?


In order to access the service according to Caixa, the customer must have:

  • Loan agreement
  • Financing agreement
  • Debts overdue for more than 60 days
  • Or total sum of arrears of up to R $ 49 thousand

Depending on the value of the debt, trading with Caixa may be good, reaching up to 96 months with values ​​starting at R $ 50. The bad news is that the bank requires payment of 10% of the total debt already in the first installment.


Clean house


Clean house


If you have not found the best payment conditions yet, stay tuned to the Serasa Limpa Name Fair. Usually, the possibilities of negotiation are better and everything can be done online, by the organ’s own website.

Anyone interested in participating in the fair must access the site, register and accept to receive the emails. As soon as the show begins, the customer is advised by e-mail to make the discharge with good discounts.

Remember that by delaying the payment of debts, the customer gets his name dirty and finds several other barriers to get credit and debt only increases. So, take the opportunity to negotiate Caixa’s debts!

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